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We've Put A New Twist On Waste


Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping

Waste Partners Street Sweeping Services: We Own the Street

Waste Partners Environmental specializes in superior street sweeping services, primarily:

Street Sweeping removes debris, both organic and man-made, keeping your properties and roadways clean, keeping the environment beautiful, and keeping residents safe and well-pleased.

There is no street sweeping job too big, too small, or too complex for us to handle. We are on the streets and highways for regularly scheduled general maintenance. We are on the job for those special clean-ups, such as after a street fest or a severe storm. We're ready to sweep clean just about any location.

There are a number of reasons why Waste Partners has the best street sweeping services:

  • Quality equipment
  • Technology integration
  • Cost-effective economics
  • Our people

When you see the uniformed Waste Partners' crew, moving efficiently from street to street on the truck whilst dawning the Waste Partners shield, you can be confident that the finest street sweeping professionals are on the job. They put a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to work every day.

Waste Partners has been providing street sweeping services since 2003. From the smallest communities to the largest metropolitan areas throughout the Southwest, thousands of miles of streets are cleaner than ever.

Waste Partners has the street smarts to meet all your street sweeping service needs. That's putting a new twist on waste.

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