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We've Put A New Twist On Waste



Waste Partners Environmental’s new “one-stop-shop” service was one big hit with customers attending the Dallas Build Expo, held February 12-13, 2014
Through an energetic rebranding campaign, the company is illustrating that eco-friendly waste disposal isn’t just a job for Captain Planet..


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Construction Sweeping


A clean construction site is an efficient site. It is a safe site. It is a sign of a competent construction company that cares about the community where it works.

Waste Partners can tackle the heavy sweeping needed for any construction project, including:

  • New construction for land developers and home builders
  • Concrete contractors
  • Grading contractors
  • Landscaping companies
  • Road construction
  • Construction track-out

For many new construction projects where it is likely that a dirt hauling permit and/or storm water prevention plan (SWPPP) is necessary, regular sweeping will mitigate potential violations with cleaner roadways and storm water drainage areas. Regularly scheduled maintenance to prevent debris, dirt and dust from traveling off any construction site during a project, and a thorough cleaning of the site upon completion, will please superintendents and inspectors, residents of nearby neighborhoods, community leaders and officials, and definitely your clients!

Our professional construction sweeping crews use top-notch equipment and follow strict safety guidelines to ensure that the job is done to meet your demanding standards of performance. Our experts are available to help you plan a cleaning protocol for your work site.

Clean when you work. Clean when you finish – and ready for inspection or sale. As a preferred service company to the construction trade, Waste Partners provides waste services with a twist – We deliver the highest level of personal customer service and attention to detail in the industry!

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