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We've Put A New Twist On Waste



Waste Partners Environmental’s new “one-stop-shop” service was one big hit with customers attending the Dallas Build Expo, held February 12-13, 2014
Through an energetic rebranding campaign, the company is illustrating that eco-friendly waste disposal isn’t just a job for Captain Planet..


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HOA and Private Community Sweeping


When you want your neighborhood to look its absolute best, trust Waste Partners to clean and maintain your streets, sidewalks and public spaces with the same care and attention that community members give their own private property.

For aesthetic and economic reasons, contracting with Waste Partners for street sweeping services is a wise decision. We provide full-service street sweeping for:

  • HOA communities
  • Private communities
  • Mobile home parks
  • RV parks

From the piles of autumn leaves to the salt and sand in the winter, and the dirt and debris all year round, there is always a need to clean. Regular sweeping helps prevent the erosion of asphalt and pavement, saving the cost of repaving, and keeping your roadways and sidewalks looking newer longer.

Private community sweeping substantially reduces the amount of dirt tracked into homes and garages. It’s a quality-of-life perk homeowners will appreciate. (You never have to worry that our sweeper trucks will cause dirt to travel, as our top-of-the-line equipment is fitted with dust control to dampen the spread of dust and keep compliance with air quality standards.) Our experienced crews make sure to clean those lesser used areas, too, such as alley ways or areas inaccessible by truck.

Ultimately, communities that appear cleaner and better maintained result in increased property values for individual homeowners. And there is no better experience than to walk or bike or drive down your clean streets and sidewalks, and take pride in your beautiful community.

Many private communities already enjoy the benefits of sweeping, on a regular schedule or one-time basis. Please contact our experts to help determine which service is right for your neighborhood.

Waste Partners provides private community waste services with a twist – we deliver the highest level of personal customer service and attention to detail in the industry!

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