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We've Put A New Twist On Waste



Waste Partners Environmental’s new “one-stop-shop” service was one big hit with customers attending the Dallas Build Expo, held February 12-13, 2014
Through an energetic rebranding campaign, the company is illustrating that eco-friendly waste disposal isn’t just a job for Captain Planet..


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Municipal & State Highway Sweeping


Municipal Streets

Your streets not only get you from place to place. They are part of the fabric of your community. Let Waste Partners change the way you see your neighborhoods by offering comprehensive municipal street sweeping services that include residential and city street sweeping.

Federal and State Highways

With thousands of miles on the road, we are a preferred provider of highway sweeping services for Federal, state DOT and local agencies throughout the Southwest. Our large and varied fleet of technologically modern sweepers offers flexibility in targeting your exact requirements.


We offer regularly scheduled maintenance, emergency and one-time sweeping services. Sweeping benefits your community in many ways:

  • Maintains clean streets and highways
    • We clear all debris, organic (such as leaves and branches) and man-made litter and waste
  • Beautifies communities and roadside environments
    • Beautiful, well-kept streets and roadsides immediately make an impression for residents and visitors alike
  • Ensures safety
    • Cleaning debris such as metal from cars removes hazards and promotes the safety of motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. Safety is always the first priority of our operators.
  • Protects infrastructure
    • Debris that block gutters and storm drains can lead to increased risk of flooding, which can damage road and sidewalk infrastructure
  • Protects the environment
    • Collecting waste that is potentially hazardous to nature strengthens the long-term health and beauty of the local ecosystem
  • More efficient use of finances and resources
    • Contracting street sweeping services can be better for your budget by allowing municipal employees to assume other responsibilities. Agencies are no longer responsible for the cost of equipment and equipment maintenance, and all costs and liability associated with manpower.

With Waste Partners’ street and highway sweeping services, you are assured of receiving consistently excellent service from uniformed, friendly professionals who comply with all federal and state operation and traffic safety guidelines, using top-quality equipment. We are always available, with fast response to emergencies.

When Waste Partners puts our crews on your streets and highways, we understand that we’re representing your municipality, state or federal agency. When residents and motorists see the clean new logo, they will be confident that their local, state and federal governments have their well-being and lifestyle in mind.

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