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Waste Partners Environmental Debuts One-Stop-Shop at Dallas “Build Expo”


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Waste Partners Environmental’s new “one-stop-shop” service was one big hit with customers attending the Dallas Build Expo, held February 12-13, 2014.

The Waste Partner Environmental sales team made a grand impression at the Expo when they unveiled the company’s most recent branding and full line of services. “We now have bundle services for commercial and residential construction that include portables, street sweeping, roll-off waste containers and temporary fencing,” said sales representative Lisa Adams from the Dallas-Fort Worth office.

Adams added, “We were really pumped up to be able to introduce the concept to our new and existing customers at the show.”

Grant Duncan, marketing manager for Waste Partners, commented, “We are very excited about this time in our company’s history. We now have the full capacity to offer a complete one-stop-shop experience to our customers throughout the entire Southwest.”

Waste Partners’ new “bundle and save” packages proved to be a big hit with general contractors, commercial builders, homebuilders and developers. Duncan said, “Savings and convenience are what our customers and the industry wants. One bill, one relationship that they can count on.”

The knowledgeable sales representatives are key to the workability of the one-stop-shop concept. “Our reps are the most personable and best in the business,” Duncan said.

Jill Wallace, one of the reps Duncan was talking about, shared her excitement. “I am really pleased with the direction our company has taken. It’s a very exciting time for Waste Partners and I'm glad to be a part of it. It’s great to now be able to offer a full line of services to our customers.”

Building on the success in Dallas, Waste Partners plans to present the One-Stop-Shop offering at several venues in the year ahead. 

About Dallas Build Expo: http://buildexpousa.com
The Build Expo provides the building and construction industry a place where professionals can check out new developments, try out new products, attend demonstrations and receive quality education.




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